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On October 24, 2022

Linda Brooks

Waterloo Region District School Board

 Meet Linda

I am currently retired with a hobby business in home staging and redesign. I love the outdoors, hiking, bird watching and just being in nature. Before Covid, I volunteered for the City of Cambridge on the Cambridge Sports Awards Committee, and was the acting Treasurer.


Previously, I was a quality management professional for large corporations.  I was involved in strategic planning, policy and procedure writing and compliance and managed quality teams. I was also self-employed for nine years, providing consultation services within my field while my children were in school, allowing me to control my working hours and spend more time with them.

The last two years have been extremely difficult for our kids, on an emotional, physical, social and academic level. I want to see our children return to their classes in an uninterrupted fashion. Inside those classes, priority needs to be placed on core educational competencies in the areas where they may have fallen behind with online learning.


As parents, we need to feel confident in the systems we hand our children off to when we go to work. Clearly, that confidence is waning. In the largest numbers the board has seen, parents have been pulling their children from the WRDSB. This is an indicator that many feel the direction of the board is off and that not all voices are being heard. 


Now is the time to help our children heal from the past two years, to play, socialize and learn and as a trustee, I aim to foster this while ensuring the curriculum and education policies are set up for the well-being and academic success of students.  

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I will not support curriculum that veers into those areas of life best reserved for parents. Instead, I’ll seek to promote “back to basics” instruction that builds competency and mastery in reading, writing, science and mathematics.   

In my elected role, I’ll take the concerns of my constituents to the officials running the Waterloo Region District School Board and I’ll advocate for the values and boundaries that they expect from our education system. 

I want to be the voice of all parents and children. Let’s get politics out of the classroom and work together for the betterment of our children. They must come first.

 Linda's Mission & Promise

Students First

I will support initiatives that:

  • Listen to and support the needs of children

  • Make the focus of our schools academics not identity politics

  • Ensure student well-being and academic success

  • Provide a supportive, safe and inclusive environment

  • Ensure that children are protected from instruction or materials that are highly sexual and not age-appropriate

Community Approach

I will work to:

  • Encourage community engagement and provide feedback on decision and actions taken

  • Increase awareness of current Board Policies & Procedures

  • Make families and students with traditional values feel included in our schools

  • Ensure that parents are made aware of specific lessons that may be at odds with their moral convictions and make it easier for them to opt their child out

My Promise

I will:

  • Always be truthful and transparent

  • Always put student’s needs first

  • Build relationships to foster effective working atmosphere with the community and board

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